Web Design and Its Infinite Scrolling Benefits

Tech changes to surface in web designing
February 18, 2018
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As the website is getting more and more interactive day by day, more and more features are being incorporated into the design. For example, slide shows parallax or infinite scrolling to name a few. Previously website looks were dull and non-interactive. Means, there will be some information on the screen or there will be some pictures on the screen and you will look it, or read it and that will be the end and web design in South end provides you each of the benefits.

Now it’s not the same. Since interactivity plays an important role, so these objects or features are also getting more and more popular. For example, you can use a slide show to tell some story. Or you can make a top 10 list of some subject and show them via slide show one by one. It makes the interaction between the site and user to an optimum level.

Similarly, infinite scrolling also plays its part while trying to make a website interactive. This is why web design in Southend also has put emphasis on infinite scrolling. But what is infinite scrolling?

To simply define, infinite scrolling means never ending scrolling. Instead of pagination, the infinite scolding gives the user and never ending experience. To go to the next page, you don’t need to click the next button. Rather, when you go down to the page, new contents will be automatically loaded and you could go in reading those without having to leave the page.

This part is important because, when you click the next button, it reloads the page and shows the content from that page. While doing so, there is a moment of blank in the computer or mobile while the page is loading. But with infinite scrolling, the pagination is hidden and the browser does itself the heavy lifting and brings the contents to the user. This is how infinite scrolling works in web design in South end.

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